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Autumn, the familiar and full of poetic season, the harvest season for people of different occupations in terms of different

meanings. Some people have said that the prime minister stomach can punt, I think this sentence is not to say that simple, most

people think that this person has a measure, can loose others, but really it? I think he really saw his own standards.
Presumably everyone has their first, is that how proud, has been around for the halo, but what has changed, you are not the real

oneself, everything has changed. You move forward there will be numerous applause, and parents love and kiss. But people have been

in the river where there is often not wet shoes, so many temptations in the side. Physical causes and all sorts of fault, then you

swing a little, the results can be imagined countless gossip blowing to you as spring blooming flowers fragrant, unstoppable, but

the pressure is too large, does make you crash .
Home is the spiritual comfort and anchorage of the harbor, but different times more parents want children to comparisons than

children than the award, but you really understand that this spoon-feeding education children really can harvest How much, this is

education. Not to see the score and comment on the child's efforts to do their best that is successful, so that children have the

burden of heart pressure, does not mean success, and vice versa will increase their heart. These you really think of it?
Uncle aunt? The future of the children is their own decision, you are just their guide, but not to their own unfulfilled wish to

let the children do, they have their own life has its own future, we can do is To give them care and help. Not blame and

perfunctory, is the intention to give them love, so that they can harvest, the real oneself. Real life.

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